Seth Reger


Seth Reger comes from a musical family that traveled often during his childhood solidifying him with multiple roots in many genres making him a very articulate musician and writer.  He played in church groups in Mexico City where his father worked for the US Embassy, and in Jacksonville FL where he would meet future drummer Brad Moxey who played for multiple international touring acts.



His first band got the attention of Jimmy Lovine and Vincent Herbert of Interscope Records prompting the band to fly to Los Angeles and showcase personally for them and the staff.   Through those connections he started writing with Grammy award winning writers, producers and artists.  


This year he has placed multiple songs with major label artists.  The first being with Quinn XCii on Columbia Records, his first radio single of 2019, being released Jan 25.   He also has upcoming releases with artists such as Jon Bellion, Bea Miller, Ava Max and others. 



Being Adventurous and always looking for collaborations Seth reached out to 2 musicians in Finland who eventually flew to Los Angeles to create the undeniable magic of the band nightcvller.   They teamed up writing for other artists and placements and soon realized that what they were creating was undeniable so they decided to put together  9 songs to release to the public.